Thursday, August 16, 2012

Morris Magneto is awesome

So, if you know me, you know I run Morris magnetos exclusively on my builds.. But did you know they make mags for your XS Yamaha and unit Triumph??
Hit me up if you want one!

Yamaha info:
    Model "YXS", high performance magneto for the Yamaha XS650

  • Bolts up to left side cam-end cup; no modifications needed
  • Brushed aluminum finish; polished also available. choose clear or black cap
  • No battery or 12 volt system needed for ignition, no wiring required
  • Does not interfere with the spark plug; drive fits under right side cam-end cover
  • And least we mention... is made in USA.

CNC machined from 6061-billet aluminum, Morris Magnetos create high voltage from strong rare-earth magnets; the faster they turn the hotter the spark.

Triumph info:

    This is the only Unit Triumph magneto ('62 up?) that:

  • is retardable for easy kick or electric starting;
  • advances automatically when engine starts;
  • mounts on the left, tucked away from harm;
  • is cam-driven through the tach port.
  • And least we mention... is made in USA.

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