Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When the green flag drops, the bulls**t stops

Im really on a speedway bender at the moment. Gotta get my fill NOW, because in 2014, the lease on Western Springs speedway is up. And due to one whining whore-bag and a couple of other idiots who live close by and don't like the sound of methanol guzzling V8's, the lease almost certainly won't be renewed. For f**ks sake, FOOLS, speedway's been running there since 1929 – why the Hell did you shift into the area???
Last saturday night saw Americano's Donny Shatz, Jonathan Allard, Peter Murphy, and Ricky Logan come on down to Hobbit-Town to crap all over the Kiwi sprintcar drivers. Freakin' radical. Thanks heaps for coming down and entertaining us, chaps. In the feature race, the Yankees kicked some serious arse and took out first, second, third, and fourth place. Race fans – the noise was spine-chilling, and the cars so crazy fast that my eyeballs could hardly keep up. As the sprintcars screamed around the track like they were fueled by crack, the massive wings created a loose-knit tornado that whipped up the hallowed earth of The Springs and dumped it all over the appreciative spectators. The dust, dirt and fumes blocked out the sky as if God's Warriors were about to show up and smite us all. I could sense the cars, the noise, the dirt and wind whipping my face, the rapidly fading illumination of the pathetic lights – and nothing else.
SH*T it was ace! 


P.S. Apologies about no action shots – my camera is poked ; )

Mr Howard – NZ

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