Monday, October 29, 2012

Harman gold under Down Under

So, I was at Rosebank Speedway on sunday with my good buddy The Saviour when PC pulls up on his Harman. Pretty funny – he wanted to ride his V-Rod but it wouldn't go, so the Harman got dragged out – YES!!!
Hell, it's still EXACTLY the same as it was 20 years back when I was a young fella and me and PC used to get around a bit looking for trouble. Seeing it again felt like being in a timewarp.
Used to hack me off – I liked to think that I had the fastest scooter around at that time, but this sleeper used to wheelstand past me over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Damn him!
Check the monstrous heavy-duty barrels and the front exhaust exiting from the wrong side. Wild!
And THEN he hands the keys to The Saviour and tells him he can ride it home (PC piloted the Saviour's new Trumpet). Bastard! The Harman cranked up with ease and I was surprised at how quiet the massive donk's internals were. Man, it sounded STRONG, but what else would you expect, right lads?

Mr Howard – NZ

Sunday, October 28, 2012

47 Knuckle project for sale

Matching numbers cases, that have been nicely repaired (see pics), frame with uncut neck, but flattened tubes on the lower cradle, will need some love. Pan glide, 18" star hub (shouldered alum), rear star hub, trans case will need one small repair to kicker cover boss.
Come with new cylinders/pistons/all hardware kit, oil pump, flywheels/rods, pretty much everything minus heads.
Clean number boss, no title but clear numbers. $6500/offer

Monday, October 22, 2012

It got British around here this weekend

This tank had some really neato repairs back in the day (lead) and some really neato nuts poorly welded on for "mounts".. Who says I only work on Harleys??