Saturday, November 3, 2012

OK, a winter summary from Denmark on the different projects.

My '53 ridgid Triumph gets a new rear wheel, with Brembo disc/caliper, to match the front.
Oil tank is being resituated, and rubber mounted.
Crank will have the splines fixed, and dynamically balanced to 71%.
New(or, 1978 10-bolt) head will be installed.
EFI from a Honda Transalp will be installed, controlled by the czech made Ignijet ECU, which also will take care of the ignition.
USD fork needs a new right inner leg, as it keeps messing up the seal.

Honda NX 650 Dominator gets lowered by app. 3", so my GF can ride it.
Tank from Honda Bol D'or and panels will be put on, as well as another headlight, and seatbank.
Just got a Bol D'or tank off german Ebay for like $15...excited to see just how rusty the thing is...

Local club's ZX10 kwak with longer swingarm and turbo/intercooler needs to be dynoed in, fuel-wise, and prepped for racing for the 2013 season.

Our(GF's and mine) 1934 Ford V8 cab project rests in the shop for now, as we lack the funds for it.
Got the frame on a jig in the shop, as well as a Jag rear end, and an Opel Commodore IFS, and a 350 SB Chevy truck block with rotating assembly.
Plan is to install those axles, and box the frame and the OEM crossmember.
Eaton blower(from Mercedes V8), as well as EFI will go on to that engine.
Max. torque is aimed at 4000rpms, rather than high HP output.
TKO-600 5-speed manual tranny.
Airide, just for the adjustalke ride-heigth.
All Henry-steel body and grille, fenders and running boards, all steel parts in the car are from 1934, w/o exception.

So, I guess the work has been cut out....

Regards, Arndt Baslund, Denmark.

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