Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pirates Ahoy!

Went and visited my old friend and all around good critter Chris Mazany last week at his den of devious enterprise, Blackjack's Speed Shop. I'd been summoned by Mr Mazany (don't say his surname wrong or he'll beat you) to take a brief on knocking up some new business cards for him, so t'was a perfect chance to check out his new factory and the tasty treats that lurk within.

Chris had spied this spunky little '33 some years ago in the City of Angels, and on a recent business trip to that crazy place, he managed to twist the owner's arm (Chris is a big mother-trucker and apparently that arm was near snapping point) into letting it go to a new home. And that new home is right here in good ol' NZ. Right on, cheers to that!

That's a gen-u-ine, steel bodied hunk of Henry's goodness you're looking at right there, kids. Shoot, it sits so pretty, just like a real lady should! And although others beg to differ, I really dig the paintwork. It looks like it just left a ZZ Top video shoot! I opened the door, but unlike the Legs video, a disappointing lack of snatch (actually, none) exited the cockpit.

Chris being Chris, he plans on upgrading the engineering (which most likely means a total redo) and changing out the paint scheme – probably just to rip my undies. What can I say, the man's a perfectionist. And that was proven when he made me redo his business card 9 times to get it just right.

Blackjack's Speed Shop – go visit his site and buy something, fer Chrissakes!!!

Mr Howard – NZ

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