Sunday, February 3, 2013

We Love the Drags!

A few sundays back, a fine fellow by the name of Orb threw together a day of "murder-sickle only" drag racing at Meremere Raceway, just south of Auckland, New Zealand – and Orb, we salute you! Thanks heaps, Mister – fantastic event! 

My presumption as to why Orb stepped up and did this for the two wheeled community is because the promoters of the Kumeu Rod Show caved into pressure from the Long Arm of the Law (long story) and issued a blanket ban on motorcycles at their little get-together. Therefore, a crapload of folk got the shits real bad and decided they wouldn't support Kumeu and came on down to check out where it's REALLY at – racing on the quarter mile!

If you want to see some more pics of the event, head on over to the One Percent magazine blog. And while you're at it, score a subscription – that way you won't miss out on seeing such treasures as our very own Mr Trent Schara's gorgeous Frost Lord, as well as two and four wheeled goodness from both hemispheres

Mr Howard – NZ

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