Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just When You Least Expect It...

January 6 2013, and I'm in Bali, Indonesia.
Hidden amongst the cacophony of thousands of swarming small capacity Japanese motorcycles,  the sweet stench of incense and excrement, the relentless hawkers, pitiful beggars, con-men, shit-box huts and exotic temples, I almost rode my rented Honda past this little gem of a tiny custom cycle shop. 
It's not unusual to find custom bike shops all over Bali, but it IS unusual to find one with Harley's as the recipients of some tender lovin' in the way of a torch and a hammer. Most bike shops on this island paradise have f*ck all in the way of major equipment. A shitty welder, a compressor, a drill press – that's pretty much it. And it's not like parts for Hogs are dropping out of the sky there, so building machines like the ones in the pics below require extreme amounts of resourcefulness. Tanks and guards are hand beaten by cross legged Balinese sitting on the floor of the workshop. $80 US scores you a custom tank and is turned around within 2 weeks.
Thanks to Arif, owner at Cameron Classic Cycles for putting up with my decidedly average Indonesian language skills and for letting me get some shots of his righteous scoots to share with y'all.

Mr Howard – NZ

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